Boys Wall Stickers

Boy’s wall Stickers: Why remodel and paint when you can just stick and go?

Boys’ wall stickers can be an inexpensively fun way to add a bright spot of colour to any young man’s bedroom. With a large wall sticker, your child can add his favourite footballer, cricketer, comic book character or superhero to his wall in a manner that won’t have you scrambling for something to remove crayon marks.

These wall stickups can be easily applied to all sorts of wall treatments, including textured surfaces! Our genuine licensed merchandise from names like Disney and various sporting organisations faithfully reproduces the images your child will recognise and love.

The stickups are self-adhering and quick to place. In mere minutes your child will see his plain walls transformed into a scene from a boy’s fantasies. No matter what his fancy, there will be some boys’ wall stickers that he finds appealing as the variety is endless. Boys’ stickups also come in borders that will add a more understated accent to his room whilst leaving the majority of the walls clear.

For those who have more than one child sharing a room, decoration can be an important lesson in cooperation. By choosing a decorative theme together, your children can learn to accept responsibilities as well as share their rewards. For those whose children will simply not get along, or those who only want to add a touch of controlled decoration, a single “theme wall” for each child can be made with a concentrated arrangement of boys’wall stickers.

With quality foam stickups available for the younger kids, you can rest assured that our boys’ wall stickers will safely satisfy both you and your child. Foam boys’ wall stickers are made of a child-friendly non-toxic material that can stand up to the beating and wear a child can dish out.