Butterfly Wall Stickers

Butterfly Wall Stickers

Children typically like to have something special on their walls instead of just plain blocks of color. However, for many parents, painting murals or other works of art on a bedroom wall can be difficult. The idea of finding paint, brushes, and stencils followed by an afternoon of painting is rather inconvenient. Thankfully, decorating and home stores now sell wall stickers, a wonderful time-saving invention that can give character and color to just about any room.

Wall stickers can be both large and small, inexpensive and slightly more pricey. With their increasing popularity, wall stickers come in hundreds of styles and designs. Children love wall stickers because of the many options, and parents love them simply because they are easy to apply. Just peel the stickers from the package and smooth onto a wall for a convenient, quick decorating solution.

Butterfly wall stickers are a favorite among little girls who want their rooms to look like a garden or a princess’ castle. Pink, yellow, green, and purple are common colors for the butterflies which float across a pastel wall. Little wings and happy faces make butterflies simply adorable, perfect for making a little girl smile. A garden nursery or little girls’ bathroom would also look lovely with butterfly wall stickers.

Though painting butterflies isn’t exactly the most challenging artistic job, peeling and sticking butterflies is certainly quite a bit easier than digging out the brushes and painting evenly shaped wings. Even better is that adding butterfly wall stickers is a job which you can employ your daughter to help you. She’ll have fun picking out her favorite stickers and adding the cute butterflies to her bedroom, bathroom, or little sister’s room.

Because they are a rather simple design, butterfly wall stickers should be easy to find in any home decorating store for reasonable prices, making this decorating idea a favorite for parents and children alike.

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