Daisy Wall Stickers

Add flair and interest to any room with daisy wall stickers. They can be used to enhance any room, and are easy to install. You will not have to wait for spring and summer to enjoy the beauty of daisies anymore. With daisy wall stickers, you can enjoy the beauty of nature all year round.

These stickers can be applied to most surfaces including wood, metal, tile and plastic. They can be placed on the wall to bring a spot of colour to that area, along with a design that is unique and fun. Rather than using a traditional mirror or artwork to bring life to a bare wall, you can make that bare wall pop with bright, cheerful daisies.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop at the wall. Since Daisy wall stickers will adhere to so many surfaces, you can use our creativity to bring interest to anything in the room. A plain headboard can be customized safely and quickly with these stickers. College students heading off to University can personalize their hampers, bookshelves and desks with these colourful stickers.

Nurseries and children’s room are the obvious choices for these stickers. But they can also be used to brighten up an office, receiving room, waiting room or lobby. Teachers can use them to liven up walls and partitions. They can be positioned on windows to truly make you feel as though you are bringing the outdoors in.

You can choose just to display the flower portion of the daisies, or you can purchase Daisy wall stickers that include the stems. Using these you can create your own indoor garden that can be enjoyed in any weather, any day of the year. This garden can grow from a chair rail, placed in a painted vase or positioned so it looks like they’re growing from a table. The marvelous thing about Daisy Wall Stickers is that there is no limit to the fun and creative ways they can be used.