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Fun Nursery Wall Stickers

One of the best ways to establish the mood of a room is by decorating and embellishing the walls. Nowhere is this truer than in the nursery. In a child’s room, the decorations can be done on a much grander scale, with brighter and more vibrant colors, than would be used in any other room of the house.

Creatively transforming the walls of a nursery used to mean long hours struggling with stencils and a paint brush, or peeling off and reapplying wallpaper. Recently, nursery wall stickers have rocketed in popularity as an alternative method of room decoration.

Nursery wall stickers come in a huge variety of styles. Teddy bears, circuses, clouds and rainbows, classic children’s characters (such as Winnie the Pooh), race cars, and so many more are all readily available.

What used to take hours to accomplish can now be done in minutes. It’s as simple as removing the wall stickers from their backing and placing them on the wall wherever desired. Some types are self-adhesive, others require a damp sponge and some water. Regardless of type, there are no more buckets of paint or trays of wallpaper glue. Placing the stickers couldn’t be simpler.

Even more convenient than how easily wall stickers can be applied is how easily they can be removed. They peel off cleanly, leaving behind no trace of their water-soluble adhesive. This means the decorations can be constantly changed as the years go by: larger-than-life murals for infants, more subdued themes for toddlers, favorite television and book characters for young children, even sports teams for adolescents.

Nursery wall stickers are by far the simplest, quickest way to decorate a room, not just once but as many times as desired.

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